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Hi, I’m Nacondra and I help small business owners grow and sustain their Businesses.

I have saved my Clients thousands in taxes and millions in headaches. I'd love to be able to help you too. I created Exceptional Tax Services (ETS) back in 2016 after working for the IRS for over 4 years. While I loved working for the Internal Revenue Service, I yearned freedom and flexibility after becoming a Mother. I created Exceptional Tax Services to help Small Business Owners navigate Taxes and Accounting, a crucial part that can make or break your Business.

My passion is also to help bridge the wealth gap through Entrepreneurship. I believe we deserve to earn more wealth than what is provided through an 8-5. Through our education, resources and done for your services, ETS aids this effort one Client at a time.

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I am a University of Alabama alum (Roll Tide Roll!)



I graduated in Marketing and later went back to school for Accounting. I am also an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS.


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Chipotle & don’t care if the guac is extra!

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where you'll find me

In my spare time, you can find me curled up on the couch reading on my Kindle.


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My 4 kids: a daughter, twin boys and… you caught me. 3 kids. I guess my husband doesn’t count.


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My Mission (1)

To support you in cultivating a robust financial landscape for your coaching or consulting business. Taking control of your finances is the pivotal first step in embodying your own strength - the strength in claiming your freedom, the strength in forging your own path, the strength to transcend boundaries and attain greater financial success than any traditional employment could offer.

My mission? It's to arm you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to turn financial control into your superpower. With Exceptional Tax Services, we go beyond simple tax preparation; we provide proactive tax planning that anticipates and meets your needs as your business evolves. Together, we'll shatter the myth that you can't grow a successful business. We'll replace 'I don't know what I don't know' with empowerment, clarity, and confidence. Because with the right financial strategy, your potential is limitless.

My Approach (1)

I totally get it - taxes and accounting can seem like a real headache, especially when you're just starting out in your coaching or consulting journey. And let's face it, not knowing what you don't know can feel pretty scary.

So what's my approach? Simple. I'm all about cutting through the jargon and making things as easy as possible.

My goal? To have your back now, making sure your business is protected and ready to flourish in the future. Because when your finances are in order, you've got the freedom to focus on what you do best - and that's when the magic really happens!

let's work together

Powerful tax strategies and preparation so you can save money, grow your business and thrive.