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3 Essential Tax Tips You Must Know To Run Your Small Business

By Nacondra Moran / August 31, 2017

                        Taxes and Bookkeeping will be the key to financial freedom in your Business. If you understand this and take the necessary steps from the beginning, you will save yourself time, money and effort. There are a ton of deductions a Small Business Owner can deduct on their Tax Return. Essentially, anything that’s required for your business to run in an […]

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Small Business 101: Outsourcing Tasks in your Small Business

By Nacondra Moran / August 22, 2017

                        When you started your Business, your focus goes into creating! Crunching numbers, calculating taxes and keeping your receipts are usually on the list of things you do not want to do. In the book, “E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work,” the Author […]

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Why Keep Your Receipts?

By Nacondra Moran / May 9, 2017

Simple Answer. Because the Internal Revenue Service lists this as a REQUIREMENT when claiming your business expenses every year. So for every “office expense” or “business meal” you incur, you will need to have a nice little annoying receipt right along with it. Let’s say you claimed these business expenses on your tax return, and you were […]

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Finding the Right Accountant and/or Bookkeeper

By Nacondra Moran / April 17, 2017

Choosing an Accountant is not just based on a person’s work experience or how well they can crunch your numbers. No. An Accountant is someone who you work closely with every month to reach your financial goals. It should be someone you mesh with and someone who understands where you are trying to take your business. Most entrepreneurs […]

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