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Which Receipts Do I Need to Keep for Tax Time?

By Nacondra Moran / December 7, 2020

  With Tax Season approaching it is very important to know which receipts you will need when filing. If you are like many of our Clients, you dread this part of taxes because you don’t know which receipts to keep and which ones to throw away. There is also a lot of conflicting information on […]

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FAQ’s: The Payroll Protection Program Loan

By Nacondra Moran / April 1, 2020

                    Small Business Loans: The Payroll Protection Program Loan   The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) was signed last week for the federal small business loan program called the Paycheck Protection Program. The Paycheck Protection Program is run by the Small Business Administration […]

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FAQ’s Surrounding The Coronavirus Related Tax Changes

By Nacondra Moran / March 31, 2020

                      Here is a blog post of some frequently asked questions surrounding all of the Coronavirus Related Tax Changes. This update is as of 03/30/2020. Things are changing rapidly and some guidance has not yet been released from the IRS. These answers are based on […]

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Filing Taxes As A Freelancer

By Nacondra Moran / February 7, 2020

                          Filing Taxes as a Sole Proprietor can be overwhelming. I hope these Tax Tips will help clear some of your questions up and have you better prepared to file your Tax Return.Β  A big difference of working as a Freelancer vs working […]

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