Pain-Free Bookkeeping

You take one look at those typical bookkeeping programs. (You know the ones, we don’t have to name them.) And all that comes to your mind is, “How is anyone supposed to do this?”

To you, it looks like a lot of paper shuffling and number crunching. You don’t know where to start, especially since there are so many other things you could be doing for your business. Other, way more fun things.

Shh. Don’t tell anyone, but we have the secret to pain-free bookkeeping.

It’s all about simplifying what everyone else is doing.
All those programs and old school systems…
They’re the “strictly business” kind of accounting.

But we recognize the faces and efforts behind that business. We know in order for an entrepreneurship to grow, you have to care for the people running it. And you can’t do that with accounting software that’s making you tear out your hair in frustration.

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Where Will Your Business be in Five Years?

I know. Facing that question is a little intimidating, but you don’t have to know the exact answer.
All you need to know is -
do you want it to be a hobby or a business?

Chances are if you found yourself here, you know the answer to that. Girl, you are a business owner. Point blank.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Dress for the job you want”?
Well, we’re taking our own spin on it:
Treat your business as the one you want.

So then, let’s set you up to where it’s going to go, and get your accounting straight now.

Bookkeeping Essentials Package

Outsource your bookkeeping duties and let us handle the work!


Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly Reconciliation

Monthly Reports

1099 Filings For Contractors

Quickbooks Online Subscription

   Starts at $350/month

Bookkeeping Essentials Plus Package

Outsource your bookkeeping duties PLUS tax preparation and planning.


Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly Reconciliation

Monthly Reports

1099 Filings For Contractors

Quickbooks Online Subscription

Estimated Tax Payment Projections

Annual Tax Preparation

   Starts at $500/month


‘Cuz sometimes you need a little extra.

Bookkeeping clean up - adding any previous months into Quickbooks online

Payroll through Gusto

Tax Planning

Prices vary

Ready to get started?



"Nacondra has been an essential partner in keeping my business and personal finances organized as well getting my payroll set up. She also helped me with strategic tax planning and helped me make some really big decisions about the nature of my business. Having Nacondra do my taxes gave me peace of mind that everything was done right so I could focus on my business. Thank you, Nacondra!!! I'm excited to work with you again this tax season."



My wife and I have done our taxes on our own for the last couple of years but realized we needed more support as our tax situation is more complicated because I run my own business. We contacted Nacondra and she was very professional, helpful, friendly and really knowledgable. She was thorough in her explanations and tax prep process and made the process of getting our information to her very easy. She helped us save thousands and we're so glad we transitioned away from automated tax systems to a real human who can answer all our questions! She relieved a lot of stress for us and made the tax process, which can be so stressful, very easy and relaxing because we knew she had our backs. We highly recommend Nacondra for all your tax and accounting needs!



"My family is literally blessed to have Nacondra Moran in our lives. She takes care of all of my bookkeeping and taxes so that I don't have to stress or worry about it which allows me to focus on my business instead. I am so grateful for Nacondra's expertise and highly recommend her!!! 🥰🥰🥰."



I cannot thank Nacondra enough for making my first year filing as an S Corp the easiest tax year ever!! Everything went so smooth, we were able to do everything online, and Nacondra took care of every detail. Highly, highly recommend Exceptional Tax Services!!



"Nacondra is a dynamic, amazing, and highly professional bookkeeper and tax expert. Not only has she helped me reconcile my books, but she also helped me get one of the biggest tax refunds to date.  Highly recommended!"


We Love Our Clients As Much as We Love Bookkeeping

(And that’s a lot)
We’re excited to meet you and add you to that list!


How To Catch Up On Your Bookkeeping 

4 simple tips to get you back on track

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It’s getting to know the brave people on the other side.
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