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All About Estimated Tax Payments

By Nacondra Moran / September 15, 2021

                      Estimated Tax Payments are a BIG pain point in the world of Self Employed Entrepreneurs.  This guide is to break down: What are Estimated Tax Payments  Who is liable to pay Estimated Tax Payments  When to pay Estimated Tax Payments  How to pay Estimated […]

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What Do I do When I Owe The IRS? (Information, FYI, Payment Plans, ETC)

By Nacondra Moran / March 22, 2021

Owing the IRS can be scary but I’m here to help calm some of those fears by giving you the information needed to set up a payment plan or to give you information about what to do when you owe the IRS so that it’s not so scary.  Pay As You Go System The IRS […]

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2021 COVID-19 Relief Bill Updates

By Nacondra Moran / January 5, 2021

          What You Need to Know about the updated Covid-19 Relief Bill: Updated as of 1/5/2021 and subject to change as more information becomes available   Here are a few updates regarding the Covid-19 Relief Bill. First Update: PPP Round 2 is here Applications will be opening up soon, and the […]

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