These terms are to confirm our understanding of the terms and objectives of our engagement and the nature and limitations of the services we will provide.

We will provide the following accounting services as indicated in our ETS VIP Week:

Kick off call- Questionnaire, custom goals and mapping
Quickbooks Online Set Up (if applicable)
Historical Bookkeeping- up to 20 hrs
Historical Reconciliations of bank accounts
Financial Statements (if applicable)
Creation of a Cash Flow Budget and analysis
Tax Planning Deliverable
Tax Projection and Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
Business Structure Analysis
Analysis Call with Nacondra

We will rely on you to get all of the necessary documents required in order for us to complete our work timely.
After the end of our VIP week, you will have unlimited support for the following 30 days.

Our engagement is limited to the Accounting services indicated above. We will not audit or review your financial statements, or any other bookkeeping documents and information you provide.

We will rely on the accuracy and completeness of the documents and information you provide to us. Our engagement cannot be relied upon to disclose errors, fraud, or other illegal acts that may exist.

You are responsible for adopting sound bookkeeping policies, for maintaining an adequate and efficient bookkeeping system, for safeguarding assets, for authorizing transactions, for retaining supporting documentation for those transactions, and for devising a system of internal controls that will, among other things, help assure the preparation of proper financial statements.

Furthermore, you are responsible for management decisions and functions, for designating a competent employee to oversee any of the services we provide, and for evaluating the adequacy and results of those services.

You are responsible for the design and implementation of programs and controls to prevent and detect fraud, and for informing us about all known or suspected fraud affecting the Company involving (a) management (b) employees who have significant roles in internal control, and (c) others where the fraud could have a material effect on the financial statements. You are also responsible for informing us of your knowledge of any allegations of fraud or suspected fraud affecting the Company received in communications from employees, former employees, regulators, or others. In addition, you are responsible for identifying and ensuring that the entity complies with applicable laws and regulations.

In order for us to complete this engagement, and to do so efficiently, we require unrestricted access to the following documents and information concerning your company:

Copies of basic documents reflecting your financial transactions, including check stubs, summaries of cash receipts and sales (cash and charge), bank statements and canceled checks, listings of accounts receivable and accounts payable, and documentary support of property and equipment transactions-purchases, trades, sales, and other dispositions;
Information concerning any mortgage or pledge of business assets on business debts, any personal guarantees or debt, leases, or other information that effects or may effect the results of operations of the business;
Any other financial information necessary for purpose of reflection on your bookkeeping records and trial balance;
Identification of all cash receipts as to source (i.e., loans, sales, etc.), and information concerning all transactions that are consummated with cash.

Any failure to provide such documents and information, and to do so on a timely basis, will impede our services, and may require us to suspend our services or withdraw from the engagement. You agree to accept responsibility for any effect on your bookkeeping records and financial statements of basic financial information or transaction documents not submitted to us for processing and entry, or losses that may result from their absence. Communication is necessary when providing documents and information and timely responses are required.

It is our policy to retain engagement documentation for a period of seven years, after which time we will commence the process of destroying the contents of our engagement files. To the extent we accumulate any of your original records during the engagement, those documents will be returned to you promptly upon completion of the engagement, and you will provide us with a receipt for the return of such records. The balance of our engagement file, other than the completed financial statements, which we will provide to you at the conclusion of the engagement, is our property, and we will provide copies of such documents at our discretion and if compensated for any time and costs associated with the effort.

In the event we are required to respond to a subpoena, court order or other legal process for the production of documents and/or testimony relative to information we obtained and/or prepared during the course of this engagement, you agree to compensate us at our standard hourly rates then existing for the time we expend in connection with such response, and to reimburse us for all of our out-of-pocket costs incurred in that regard.

In the event that we are or may be obligated to pay any cost, settlement, judgment, fine, penalty, or similar award or sanction as a result of a claim, investigation, or other proceeding instituted by any third party, and if such obligation is or may be a direct or indirect result of any inaccurate or incomplete information that you provide to us during the course of this engagement, you agree to indemnify us, defend us, and hold us harmless as against such obligation.

You agree that any dispute (other than our efforts to collect an outstanding invoice) that may arise regarding the meaning, performance or enforcement of this engagement or any prior engagement that we have performed for you, will, prior to resorting to litigation, be submitted to mediation, and that the parties will engage in the mediation process in good faith once a written request to mediate has been given by any party to the engagement. Any mediation initiated as a result of this engagement shall be administered within the county of Jacksonville, Florida, according to its mediation rules, and any ensuing litigation shall be conducted within said county, according to Florida law. The results of any such mediation shall be binding only upon agreement of each party to be bound. The costs of any mediation proceeding shall be shared equally by the participating parties.

Any litigation arising out of this engagement, except actions by us to enforce payment of our professional invoices, must be filed within one year from the accrual of the cause of action, notwithstanding any statutory provision to the contrary. In the event of litigation brought against us, any judgment you obtain shall be limited in amount, and shall not exceed the amount of the annual fee charged by us, and paid by you, for the services set forth in this engagement letter

This engagement letter is contractual in nature, and includes all of the relevant terms that will govern the engagement for which it has been prepared. The terms of this letter supersede any prior oral or written representations or commitments by or between the parties. Any material changes or additions to the terms set forth in this letter will only become effective if evidenced by a written amendment to this letter, signed by all of the parties.

If, after full consideration and consultation with counsel if so desired, you agree that the foregoing terms shall govern this engagement, please sign the copy of this letter in the space provided and return the original signed letter to me, keeping a fully-executed copy for your records.