The Exceptional Business Spreadsheet (1)

No Quickbooks, No Problem.

The Exceptional Business Spreadsheet helps
you take control of your Business finances once and for all.
Our signature robust spreadsheet is here to help you keep your books along with some graphs and charts to view your numbers clearly. Keep your books using this Spreadsheet to ensure a smooth Tax Season!
Price: $67.00
Watch our Video below to learn more on what our Spreadsheet can do for you.
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From Side Hustle to CEO 5 Day Mini Class
Includes 5 Days to help transform your Business.
Day 1: First things first. What would you do if you were told the Business you're building is a Million Dollar Business? What are the 3 Department in your Business you should know about?
Day 2: The two most common Business Structures Explained
Day 3: What the heck are all of these Taxes and which ones do I pay as a small business owners---the top 5 Taxes Small business Owners need to know.
Day 4: Bookkeeping in your Business and why it's so important
Day 5: 3 Jewels to leave you with to help improve your Business and set it up for success
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I've collapsed time by learning from others. It enabled me to get there quicker. This is a 60 minute Masterclass of how I've built my Company out of pure intention. Inside I'm sharing special jewels and advice that you can carry into your Business.

Purchase for $57.00

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