Going From Side Hustle To CEO

Are you currently working a side hustle that is becoming more like a Small Business? You may have started your business as a side hustle while working your 9-5, and now it is growing far beyond what you have expected. Here is a piece of advice: Now is the time to make sure you have all the proper foundations in place. Choosing the correct Business Structure and setting the correct financial foundation is key. Check out our From Side Hustle to CEO Mini Course:

From Side Hustle to CEO 5 Day Mini Class

Includes 5 Days to help transform your Business.


Day 1: First things first. What would you do if you were told the Business you’re building is a Million Dollar Business? What are the 3 Department in your Business you should know about?


Day 2: The two most common Business Structures Explained.


Day 3: What the heck are all of these Taxes, and which ones do I pay as a small business owners—the top 5 Taxes Small business Owners need to know.


Day 4: Bookkeeping in your Business and why it’s so important


Day 5: 3 Jewels to leave you with to help improve your Business and set it up for success

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