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Ashlee Boswell the Attorney


My name is Ashlee Boswell and I have acquired a substantial amount of practical legal experience in my seven years practicing. My most recent experience is as an in-house counsel for an international chemical company in which I managed corporate legal needs and requirements.

This most recent experience led to the birth of Contract Creations. I have had the amazing opportunity to see firsthand how important the language of a signed contract truly is. I now have the ability to offer what I have learned in the form of services to individuals, small businesses, and companies.

My expertise lies in overseeing contract review, customizing contracts to fit the need of the client, creating custom contracts for specialized industries, contract negotiation and development, business formations, risk analysis, review and creation of policies and procedures, compliance, and mitigation.

I also serve as a part time Hearing Adjudication Judge with the Houston Municipal Courts and a Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the City of Pearland. My professional experiences demonstrate that I can successfully consult, customize, and create contracts on any subject matter.