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Bookkeeping Spreadsheet 

Not quite ready to use Accounting Software? Here is an Excel Bookkeeping Spreadsheet File that will keep you totally organized through the year

Profit First Allocations Calculator

Learn how to implement Profit First with this handy spreadsheet. You can plug in your monthly income and your monthly expenses and then allocate your percentages to compute the amounts you should be saving for taxes, the amount that should stay in your account for profit, the amount that should be allocated for operating expenses and the amount of your owners pay!

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment  Worksheet

Here is a quick guide that will help you in calculating your Estimated Tax Payments. This rate is general and will give you a ballpark figure of the amount you should send in Quarterly for Taxes. It may be likely that you may be in a lower tax bracket if you are Married, have Dependents, Itemized Deductions, etc. You should check with your Accountant for a more specific calculation.

How to Pay Yourself As An Entrepreneur Guide

How To Catch Up On Your Bookkeeping

5 Bookkeeping Tasks To Do Each Month

Understanding your W-2 

Still working for an employer? Here is a quick breakdown on how to read your W-2 and what all those boxes mean.

Cheat Sheet of Self Employment Deductions

Have problems categorizing your deductions? These are some of the top ones!

Home Office Deduction Calculator

Do you own your own business and work from home? Use this calculator to determine your home office deduction.

What does Net Income mean again? Gross what?! 

6 Essential Financial Terms for your Business Defined