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"To say Nacondra has been dynamic is an understatement. She is thoughtful and diligent, often going ABOVE and beyond in ways that consistently make me say wow. Thank you for providing a great experience; it's an honor to see you grow!"

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"My Quickbooks was a hot mess and Nacondra and her team swooped in and saved the day. The peace of mind I have knowing that she has eyes on my books is priceless and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you thank you!"

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When I first struck out on my own as an entrepreneur, the scariest part to think about tackling was the finances. I located a local CPA via word of mouth and she did fine, but sometimes seemed a little out of touch with rules related to my situation…an online business selling digital products, courses, and coaching.

She ended up closing her business and I was on the hunt for someone new to help, and I had higher standards this time around! I reached out to a trusted friend, Steph Crowder, to ask who she was working with, and she told me how wonderful Nacondra was. After a generously lengthy initial phone call where she patiently answered all my (super newbie) questions, and put me to ease, I knew I’d found my person!

Nacondra really *gets* online entrepreneurs and our unique tax and bookkeeping situations. She’s a total gem, and Exceptional Tax Services absolutely lives up to the name. Highly recommend!"

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"Nacondra has been an essential partner in keeping my business and personal finances organized as well getting my payroll set up. She also helped me with strategic tax planning and helped me make some really big decisions about the nature of my business. Having Nacondra do my taxes gave me peace of mind that everything was done right so I could focus on my business. Thank you, Nacondra!!! I'm excited to work with you again this tax season."

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"Nacondra is brilliant. She's very kind, straight-forward, and a great listener. She has helped my family immensely with our taxes. I highly recommend using her services to help ease your tax pains!"

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"Working with Nacondra and Exceptional Tax Services has been vital for our business! Nacondra may be one of the most patient people on the planet, we had a mess to hand over and she straightened us out and we have been coasting ever since. She provides great insights, keeps us paying things on time, and is always an email away. I'm thankful we've had her on our team these last few years."

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"I cannot recommend Nacondra and Exception Tax Services enough. I found her through a Facebook group recommendation and it was the most serendipitous find of my life. She has saved me over $12,000 in mistakes that my former accountant and bookkeeper made. She actively reaches out to make sure I'm on track, and she is always available to answer my questions (no matter how basic or specific). Anytime someone I know asks for small business bookkeeping, accounting, or tax help, I cannot sing Nacondra's praises enough."

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"I have worked with Nacondra for years now and have never been disappointed! She is professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Exceptional Tax Services to anyone in need of tax preparation, tax planning, and booking keeping!"

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"Working with Nacondra is effortless. As a busy business owner, I don't have the time or energy to handle my own taxes. Handing it over to Nacondra and her team lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders so I could focus on my business. And the fact that Nacondra worked for the IRS gives me even more peace of mind that she has it all covered and I can rest easy."

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"Nacondra is absolutely incredible. I used to do my own taxes but when my business was growing and circumstance changed I found myself in a bind. Nacondra helped me out tremendously and now I will work with no one else. She is knowledgable about business, taxes, investing and so much more. I can't recommend Nacondra more. You will not regret working with her!

Kate Eskuri The Foundation Blog

"Nacondra takes the stress out of tax time. She is a true expert, a prompt communicator, and made the entire process seamless. Thank you, Exceptional Tax Service!"

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"My family is literally blessed to have Nacondra Moran in our lives. She takes care of all of my bookkeeping and taxes so that I don't have to stress or worry about it which allows me to focus on my business instead. I am so grateful for Nacondra's expertise and highly recommend her!!! 🥰🥰🥰."

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"Nacondra has truly been god sent. My business has been growing rapidly. My bookkeeping and tax needs felt like they grew overnight. When I first met Nacondra she reconciled months of my books and set me up to have accurate monthly profit and loss statements. Nacondra's tax services have saved me literally thousands of dollars. I am so grateful for her and would recommend her services to any and everyone!"

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"Nacondra is so easy to work with! Not only has she helped to get my books in tip top shape, she provided outstanding tax service, helped me established my LLC and EIN and offered sound budget advice allowing me to put all contractors on payroll. She is a personal advisor and a team of professionals all to herself."

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"Working with Nacondra is effortless. As a busy business owner, I don't have the time or energy to handle my own taxes. Handing it over to Nacondra and her team lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders so I could focus on my business. And the fact that Nacondra worked for the IRS gives me even more peace of mind that she has it all covered and I can rest easy."

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"Working with Nacondra and Krystil is one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my business. I have gotten so much more clarity on my financials and peace of mind that I am moving my business and my financials in the right direction. Prior to working with Exceptional Tax Services, I had no real bookkeeping system, and was never sure that I was doing my taxes correctly. I had tried working with another accountant and I felt like I could never ask them questions and they were not nearly as helpful Nacondra and Krystil are when it came to making suggestions. It is so reassuring to know that I have people who I like and trust in my corner as my business and career continue to grow and evolve."

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"So happy with all my services from Exceptional Tax Services! Nacondra is so kind and helpful when it comes to explaining how things work and what would work best for your situation. Her familiarity with online businesses was super important to me because a lot of accountants aren't and don't understand them. She helped me set up my S-Corp (which saved me money on my taxes!) and handled filing my corporate and personal taxes so I didn't have to worry about it! Her team now handles my monthly bookkeeping, which is the best because I know it's all taken care of and off my plate. Highly recommend!"

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"I cannot thank Nacondra enough for making my first year filing as an S Corp the easiest tax year ever!! Everything went so smooth, we were able to do everything online, and Nacondra took care of every detail. Highly, highly recommend Exceptional Tax Services!!"

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"Nacondra is always so quick to answer my questions! She has empowered me to feel confident in my finances, which was not always the case. I am grateful for her making tax prep and advice seamless and easy!"

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"I cannot say enough about working with Nacondra and Exceptional Tax Services. She is organized, knowledgeable, professional and kind. She used to work for the IRS, so she REALLY knows her stuff and she stays up to date with current events and how that may impact our business and taxes. Nacondra is able to answer any obscure financial question I fling at her and is thorough in her responses. She saved us from hours (likely weeks) of paperwork, Googling and tax season headaches. I can't overstate what a relief it is to work with her and rely on her extensive business and accounting knowledge. I love working with her and would recommend her a thousand times over! Do not hesitate to get the tax and accounting support you need for your business. It will free you up to focus on other aspects of your business (or life)!"

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"Nacondra and her team are great and prompt at what they do. I currently utilize ETS for bookkeeping and our annual tax filing for my six-figure business. Nacondra's team has grown, but we have not seen any hiccups in her service and they only do amazing work. I look forward to our continued growth with ETS."