You jumped into the entrepreneur world. You took the leap to create your business from the ground up. You know exactly what you’re doing… Except when it comes to all the “back end” stuff that feels less than fun.

Relax. That back end “stuff” doesn’t have to be intimidating.

We break it down for you so that it’s easy to understand and apply to your business. Before you know it, you have the confidence to not only do that “stuff,” but to do it without fear.

Why Don’t I Know This Already?

“Shouldn’t I understand this if I’m a business owner?”

“Am I behind for not getting it?”

“Did I miss something in school?”

Listen, The problem isn’t you. 

It’s that none of this was ever taught in school.

There was no accounting teacher who broke down the tax laws and bookkeeping techniques.

You were lucky if anyone taught you how to write a check back in the day.

But there is knowledge out there, and it’s waiting for you.

You’ve just gotta be ready to take it.

Our suggestion? Open the door to that information now.

Not because it benefits us,

But because gaining the knowledge of how to run your accounting gives you the power to grow your business with confidence.

The Exceptional Business Membership is for entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their boss selves by learning how to handle the back end of their business.

What's inside the exceptional business MEMBERSHIP?

Courses (5)

Our Membership offers 5 Milestones to build on when creating an Exceptional Business:

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These are all important milestones to help you create the Exceptional Business of your dreams plus access to ask questions and future updates inside.



 Business Structures

Sole Proprietorships, LLC’s, S and C-Corporations… oh my!

We’ll break down the differences between all the business structures and how to figure out which one is right for you well as when it might be time to change.


Business Education

What the heck are taxes and what does an EIN number do?

Learn how to separate your business assets from your personal as well as which taxes apply to you.



Do I really need to keep track of all the things?

Yup! But it doesn’t have to be scary. We’ll explain the importance of bookkeeping and give you access to our signature Bookkeeping Spreadsheet, Common Business Deductions, and Training. (a $497 value)


Tax Preparation

Take out the stress of tax season with the knowledge of how to get your business ready and organized.

Learn how to prepare and file your taxes whether you DIY or work with a professional.

           Also included in the Membership


  • Spreadsheets and Guides to help you
  • Access to our continuous updates at no additional cost
  • access to our monthly socials

Let's Connect

My favorite thing about being “not your parents’ accountant”?
It’s getting to know the brave people on the other side.
If you’re ready to lay claim to your business through accounting,
Then I’m ready to make that happen with you.

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