Did you know that the quickest way to build a successful Business is through knowledge?

I have worked with 100's of Entrepreneurs just like you.
I understand your struggle and I know your industry.
I want to let you in on an secret..... You can invest in Business Coaching, Money Mindset Coaching, Advertising, etc, to grow your Business, BUT none of those things will tell you what to do with your money once you receive it.


I'm here to change that.

I am here to help you have amazing clarity around the money side to your Business and give you the tools, mindset and education to run your Business.





Let's transform and grow your Business the Exceptional Way.


“Why didn't I learn about this in school?”

You are not the only one who feels clueless when it comes to Taxes and Bookkeeping. We were not taught this stuff in school. Now that you are Self Employed, it's time to learn because knowledge is power.


What is the exceptional business course?

The Exceptional Business is a 2 week live group program created to help you go from the Overwhelmed and Confused CEO to the Confident CEO that is ahead in the game. This Entrepreneur is tired of playing small and ready to set up the proper foundations to their Business.


Week 1: Pursuit of Happiness- I'm Self Employed

-Learn what every Entrepreneur needs to know when starting and growing a Business including choosing a Business Structure, making sure your Business is set up correctly and your general requirements as a Business Owner.

-Includes explanations of the differences between a Sole Proprietor, LLC, Partnership and S Corporation and which one is right for your Business. Also how to know when it's time to become a different Business Structure.

Sustainability: Knowledge is Power

-Learn the power of Bookkeeping in your Business and why it's important.

-How to set up a sustainable Bookkeeping System.

-Mistakes many Business Owners make and how to prevent them.

-What the heck are Taxes- including an explanation of all types of Taxes (Payroll, Self Employment, Income Taxes, etc) and which ones you pay as a Business Owner.

Week 2: Power Play: Pay Yourself, Budgeting, Hiring Help 

-Paying yourself and how to budget in your Business. Learning how to save for Taxes, how much to pay yourself and how much to reinvest in your Business will set your business up to be profitable quickly.

- How to hire and set up Contractors for your Business when you're ready to hire.

Tax Prep for Business Owners and Boss Mindset

-Getting your Business ready and orgnanized for Tax Preparation

-How to prepare and file your annual taxes whether you self file them or work with a Tax Professional

-The Top Tax Deductions for Online Entrepreneurs and tax saving tips.

-Plus showing up for yourself in your Business with the correct mindset.


Price: $250


2 payments of $125

“Who is this for?”

  • If you are a new business owner and want to make sure you understand the money side to your business ...
  • You have questions about Business Structures, Taxes and how to keep your records properly ...
  • You need to put in place a Bookkeeping system for your Business and understand what is deductible to your business...
  • You just need an overview about Taxes period and need someone to explain it in simple terms ...
  • Questions on how to file your Taxes as an Entrepreneur and what to look out for year to year as you're growing ...


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Hey! I'm Nacondra!

Hi! I'm Nacondra! Ex IRS Employee, Licensed Enrolled Agent. Wife & Mom to 3. I'm also a foodie & Romance Booklover.

My mission is simple. I have a passion for bridging the wealth gap for Entrepreneurs. We deserve more wealth. By servicing & educating my Clients on one of the biggest pain points in growing a Business (Taxes & Accounting), we DO this....1 Client...and 1 Business at a time.

Ready to learn with me?

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