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Thank you for purchasing Exceptional Tax for Creatives. This bundle will surely help you along your entrepreneurial journey. Included in your purchase price is a set of printables/tax cheatsheets, worksheets and spreadsheets that will help you grow your Business. As a bonus, I also included my mini-course, "What to do when you owe the IRS." This is a must watch course for anyone who thinks they will owe a balance to the IRS or already owes them. Help empower yourself by being proactive and not reactive!

Additional Recommended Resources

IRS Withholding Calculator

Check out the IRS Interactive Withholding Calculator. The Calculator helps you identify your tax withholding to make sure you have the right amount of tax withheld from your paycheck at work.

IRS's Interactive Tax Tool

Do I need to file a tax return? Who can I claim as a dependent? How much is my standard deduction? What is my filing status? Am I eligible to claim an education credit? Get these questions answered and more with this tool!

Internal Revenue Service

Free Accounting Software- Wave

If you are not ready to purchase Accounting Software for your Business, try Wave. It is free and super easy to use!

Pro's- Free, Easy to use

Con's- Software can be slow at times


Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks is one of the most popular Accounting Software's on the market. If you need more out of your Accounting Software, try Quickbooks.

Pro's- Robust and Adaptable to your Business as it grows

Con's- Not Always Easy to use for some Entrepreneurs, Must pay Monthly for your Subscription

Need help tracking your Mileage?

Try MileiQ 


Update Your Account


How To Catch Up On Your Bookkeeping 

4 simple tips to get you back on track

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