Why I Created An Imperfect Podcast

Did you know that before I went back to school for Accounting, I went to school for Marketing? I have a passion for Entrepreneurship from a Sales and Marketing standpoint and I’ve always felt that has helped me grow my Company to what it is today.

I wear many hats in the Professional World. I am an Accountant, Tax Preparer, but I am a Entrepreneur 1st. I am not working in Public Accounting or for a firm that I report to. Exceptional Tax Services would not be here if I did not create it 1st. The foundational part aka the Entrepreneurial part is also something that I’d like to also share with my followers. The shift between the Accountant and the Entrepreneur as I’d like to call it. 🙂

I have always wanted to create a podcast but was not sure if it was something that I had time to commit to. I’ve always heard of people creating podcasts and then quitting because they were unable to stay consistent and I didn’t want that. So for the longest, I did not act on creating anything.
A few months later, September 2021, which is also my Birthday Month and ETS’s Anniversary Month, I decided to record what I have called an Imperfect Podcast. I aired it in my Facebook Group and was really overwhelmed by the feedback I have received. The 1st episode broke down why I got into Entrepreneurship and some mindset pieces behind starting that journey.

It also talks about this idea of “progress over perfection” and the rejection that something has to be super perfect before you can put it out into the world. I have always seemed to resonate with branding that shows true authenticity and I felt that was something I wanted to share as well. Social media generally highlights your followers’ best moments or it’s curated to show us only what we want to see. Through my podcast, I didn’t purchase anything to get started, I literally just pushed record and started talking. I felt what I had to share was more important than compiling a list of things to gather to make it look more professional.

We are so crippled by this idea that we have to have everything together before we can start our Businesses or before we can put that new Service or Product out into the market. My imperfect podcast is challenging the fact that you can definitely launch and tweak later as things grow. Taking action is usually the hardest step of it all.

If you’d like to check out my Imperfect Podcast, join my Facebook Group.

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